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Meet the Zorros
On Sunday, October 30, 2005, the paso finos at Hillside Farms were the trusty steeds for the Zorros. Hillside Farms had its annual Buffalo Bonanza Autumn Festival and almost 300 people came to take a hay ride through the buffalo pasture, take a surrey ride with Bonnie the Clydesdale, eat buffalo burgers and dogs and see the paso finos on display. We had many compliments on our beautiful horses and were asked many questions on their smooth gait. Alas, we were waiting for Antonio Banderas to arrive but evidently he had other plans!

The Zorros are (from left to right) - Karen Basehore, Diane Dutt, Maryan Schlesman, B.J. Schuler and Sarah Galante. You will also notice Buffalo Bill in the photo.

At the Indian Valley Farmers' Market each Saturday, Gary and Bonnie the Clydesdale would give surrey rides around town.

Bonnie at the Market

On April 15, 2002 our first foal for the year was born to Oksana La Maria. This colt is sired by Napoleon de la Hacienda, a son of Capitan de la Vitrina.

Oksana and her son

On May 29, 2001 a baby was born to a buffalo cow that was not going to make it. Soon after giving birth her uterus prolapsed. Before she could be helped, she died. Gary recovered the baby and proceeded to become Mr. Mom. He bottle fed the baby, now called Buddy, many times a day for the first few weeks.

Gary (Mr. Mom) and his Buddy

Buddy sharing his bottle with Bella

Buddy in the back yard with the dogs

Buddy was on TV and his picture was in many newspapers - no one has a pet buffalo! All summer Buddy lived in our back yard and had the run of the farm with the dogs. He truly believed he was a dog. Now that he is older and bigger, he lives in the pasture with our Clydesdale, Bonnie, the gentle giant. Buddy is now beginning to believe that he is a horse. He definitely doesn't think of himself as a buffalo. He looks at the herd and wants nothing to do with them. He would rather have his Mr. Mom by his side.

On November 23, 2001, to take advantage of the beautiful fall weather, Hillside Farms took a caravan to Valley Forge National Park for a trail ride. The caravan consisted of 8 people, 4 dogs, 4 horses and a 6 passenger surrey. Here are some pictures of our great day in the Park.

After lunch at the cannons

At the Memorial Arch

The first snow storm of 2001 saw us out on our paso finos.

Riders in the Storm

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