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Gary & B.J. Schuler purchased Hillside Farms from B.J.'s mother in 1990. The farm had been in the family since B.J.'s grandfather purchased it in the early 1940's. B.J's father had farmed it, raising Black Angus cattle and crops until he passed away in 1988. Not wanting to keep the farm herself, B.J.'s mother started negotiations with a developer who wanted to turn the farm into a nine lot subdivision. The sale unexpectedly fell through leaving B.J.'s mother out in the cold. Gary & B.J. stepped in and bought the farm. Their first attempt at farming was with seedling trees which died the first winter when mice chewed up the roots. The second winter Gary read about buffalo and went to visit a local buffalo farmer. He was hooked on the majestic animals. They purchased seven heifer calves in 1992 and a bull in 1993. Their first calf crop came in 1994.


Meanwhile, B.J. was itching to buy a horse and read about the paso fino. On a trip to Wisconsin in 1993 for the International Bison Conference, she had the chance to ride one. After the first time around the ring, she had that paso fino smile. She purchased one mare, then another one, then a few breedings and in 1995 their first colt was born.

The rest is history.

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