Just outside the town of Telford, less than 40 miles from the center of Philadelphia, lies Hillside Farms, a small family farm owned by Gary & B.J. Schuler. Hillside Farms specializes in raising American Bison, or buffalo as they are commonly known. It is one of the few remaining farms tucked away in the northeastern corner of Montgomery County, a green oasis in the middle of the developing urban landscape.

What's New at Hillside Farms
  • Come and experience bison at its best at the Rising Sun Inn. It is the specialty of the house. Located at 898 Allentown Road, Telford, PA, the Rising Sun Inn is a great place to have a fine dining experience or a burger in the tavern. Visit www.risingsuninn.net to learn more.
Our dogs, Bella and Buster
Hillside Farms has been in the family since the 1940's, but Gary and B.J. have been the owners since 1990. Through hard work their buffalo herd is producing a great tasting, healthy product sold locally in stores and restaurants. Buffalo meat and by-products are also sold in the farm store located on the property. There are currently a few Paso Fino Horses living in the horse barn but after 14 years of birthing foals, the breeding shed has closed. The horses are now used for an annual show and just enjoyed as the “smoothest riding horse in the world.” You can read about the history of the breed and their special way of going by clicking here. There is one Swissy that keeps guard of the farm, an offspring from the many litters of Greater Swiss Mountain Dog puppies were lovingly raised on Hillside Farms in years past. A tremendous amount of joy was derived from spending time with those puppies, therefore the pictures will remain on this website for your viewing pleasure.

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